We create urban connections.

Our versatile Smart Pedal Vehicles offer reliable mobility in urban areas.

We create urban connections.
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The cloud-based mocci platform is the intelligent interface between user, vehicle, and operator.

Integrated and reduced: Fewer components, nicely integrated, ensure robust and low-maintenance vehicles.

Different interfaces for numerous standard transport boxes and bags including our trailer.

Reliable and robust wheels with a fully integrated digital drive system.

Smart and connected: The elimination of mechanical power transmission enables chainless pedaling for a magical driving experience.

is digital

Our drive? Completely digital: Our mocci Smart Pedal Vehicles bring the best of innovative technology, connectivity, and comprehensive service directly onto the road so that you benefit from the first push of the pedal.

At home in the city, ready for any challenge. Find out how mocci can take you further.


Special Mention

Ausgezeichnet mit dem German Design Award "Special Mention"

Mikromobilität neu gedacht: Mit den Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV) ermöglicht mocci Mobilität im urbanen Raum auf einem völlig neuen Niveau. Digital, zuverlässig und nachhaltig.

What are the benefits of mocci?

Digital and smart – that’s mocci. Find out now how our Smart Pedal Vehicles work and what benefits they bring.

Where can mocci be used?

From delivery service to company campus, discover the wide range of use cases of mocci Smart Pedal Vehicles.

Who is behind mocci and SPV?

The CIP GROUP takes on the role of vehicle developer and rethinks urban mobility in a new vehicle category.

At the CIP GROUP we have been managing complex global supply chains very successfully for many years. At the same time, we have achieved a high degree of digitization and automation of our processes. On this basis, we can bring mocci from the German production plant to any location in Germany and Europe and also provide them with professional after-sales service.

Ulf Steinborn

We put real sustainability in the focus of our product solutions. That means more than just recycling. It also entails conscious use of materials, product adaptability, long-term relationships, and the development of technologies with a social benefit.

Nico Mischke

Wir bauen auf eine ganzheitliche Produktions- und Lieferkette. Alles unter dem Aspekt der Nachhaltigkeit und der maximalen Ressourcenoptimierung. Durch unser exzellentes Netzwerk profitieren wir von einem hervorragenden Direktzugang zu den Beschaffungsmärkten. Dies stärkt unseren ganzheitlichen Ansatz bis in die letzte Meile.

Andreas Hagenhoff

Our platform strategy enables our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership and thus to plan better. In addition, we at MOCCI contribute to sustainably reducing CO2 pollution.

Andreas Ruhland

We anticipate and understand the needs of our customers. We invest in long-term relationships and offer our customers benefits that go beyond supplying pedelecs, software, and infrastructure.

Philip Douglas

We need to offer convincing solutions from an ecological, socio-cultural and economic perspective. Our innovations need to assist our customers in helping them concentrate on their core competencies. We accompany development, production through to implementation for our customers from start to finish. This is the only way we can continuously improve our added value.

Ralf Busse

With in-depth industry knowledge from the automotive and bicycle market, we rely on environmentally friendly and sustainable production in Germany. We set up our series production in the state of Saxony, where we manufacture our vehicles and systems for the German and European market.

Marcus Voigt​

Wir wollen die Mikromobilität neu denken und etwas nie Dagewesenes schaffen. Die digitale kettenlose Antriebseinheit, die sich dem individuellen Fahrverhalten anpasst, schafft die Basis unserer Entwicklungen. Außerdem bildet unser holistischer Ansatz, d.h. die Funktionsintegration im Digital Pedelec und die Skalierbarkeit, einen essenziellen Kern. Dafür investieren wir in eigene Forschung, kooperieren mit Experten:Innen und verwenden innovative Materialien und Technologien „Engineered & Made-in-Germany“.

Dr. Simon Opel