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At mocci, we managed to digitize the entire drive unit in a pedelec, that is, every mechanical connection. How to remove the chain and belt from our bike. This opens up completely different possibilities when it comes to urban mobility. Our bicycle works on principle of serial hybrid in which human power is transformed into electrical energy. When you pedal a digital pedelec from mocci, you don’t drive a chain, instead a small generator produces power to the electric motor built in the rear wheel. A battery provides extra power.

The range is comparable to that of other pedelecs. We get about 80 km with our battery size in this use case.

Our drive unit also works at a reduced level with a removed or empty battery, which is also required by law.

The battery itself does not charge while riding since the energy generated by pedaling flows directly into the motor. The battery is only charged when a cyclist generates more energy than the motor needs to drive it. Our motor is integrated into the bicycle as an electric brake, which means that energy can be recovered when braking.

There is no gear shift as you are familiar with in conventional bicycles. We don’t need one either, as the gear shift is mapped electrically in the software. That means the software regulates this depending on the road conditions, uphill or downhill, and the user always rides in the comfort zone.

You don’t need a driver's license or insurance to ride: It’s like a normal bike, you just sit on it and ride until your heart’s content. 


The software is based on a holistic hardware platform and can bring much more direct and relevant added value. We develop smart vehicles for the mobility needs of the future.

A smart vehicle puts users and their needs in the foreground.

The possibilities are virtually endless: When it comes to road safety, the software can control preventive maintenance cycles so that a vehicle always runs reliably. A smart vehicle can also signal dangers or hazards to users. It can make itself felt when the user need to intervenes: prevents accidents in the blind spot or regulates the speed in potential collision situations. It recognizes the contents in box systems and controls the temperature when food is delivered, for example. It knows its user and can act accordingly. Evaluates the cyclist’s health and regulates driving assistance. This is how the system learns and adapts to the cyclist every time. Another important point is the anti-theft protection through a system control.

Further development

Our core competence is the development and manufacture of an innovative and emission-free generation I vehicle for urban living space. Furthermore, the idea of a modular mobility concept has shaped the development. This means that the development of further generations is taken into account right from the start. We are currently working on further generations based on the platform concept.

A key component of the platform strategy are currently our rims and of course the digital chain, i.e. the series hybrid drive. Because the mechanical connection of the drive components is not necessary, we have complete freedom during installation since it allows us great flexibility in terms of the vehicle architecture. In addition, we will ensure that basic structural elements in the frame and chassis can be used for the entire mocci vehicle platform.

The reuse of components via a platform concept saves on development and production costs (+ time). In addition, we are familiar with the final assembly of existing components and do not have to set it again.


The name mocci is made up of the two Chinese syllables MO and CHI and freely translated mean magic movement, or as we call it: MAGIC RIDE.

The idea originated back in 2014. Over the years, a holistic research approach evolved that brought about development and implementation. Today, we are happy to have brought mocci to market maturity and that we are able to continuously expand our platform concept.

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You are interested in the work and load e-bikes from ? We will get back to you.
Customized solutions, tailored to the individual requirements of our customers, enable smooth processes and efficient, resource-saving mobility in urban areas and industrial zones.
The use of innovative materials, the digital drive system and the high level of modularity make mocci an absolutely reliable all-rounder.

Michael Emele

To ensure the highest reliability and quality of our products, our processes and methods are based on the successful quality standards of the German automotive industry. To this end, we rely on long-term partnerships and local supply chains.

Jan Gani

Our platform strategy enables our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership and thus to plan better. In addition, we at mocci contribute to sustainably reducing CO2 pollution.

Luolan Tan

At the CIP GROUP we have been managing complex global supply chains very successfully for many years. At the same time, we have achieved a high degree of digitization and automation of our processes. On this basis, we can bring mocci from the German production plant to any location in Germany and Europe and also provide them with professional after-sales service.

Ulf Steinborn

We put real sustainability in the focus of our product solutions. That means more than just recycling. It also entails conscious use of materials, product adaptability, long-term relationships, and the development of technologies with a social benefit.

Nico Mischke

We rely on a holistic production and supply chain and consider everything under the aspect of sustainability and maximum resource optimization. We benefit from excellent direct access to the procurement markets thanks to our excellent network. This strengthens our holistic approach down to the last mile.

Andreas Hagenhoff

Our platform strategy enables our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership and thus to plan better. In addition, we at MOCCI contribute to sustainably reducing CO2 pollution.

Luolan Tan

The big picture in mind and with our holistic approach, we are redefining micromobility from the ground up. We think innovatively throughout the entire product development process, right through to the driving experience, and show the courage to stand out from the crowd. All under the guidelines of sustainability, flexibility, and social benefit.

Maximilian Brutsche

We need to offer convincing solutions from an ecological, socio-cultural and economic perspective. Our innovations need to assist our customers in helping them concentrate on their core competencies. We accompany development, production through to implementation for our customers from start to finish. This is the only way we can continuously improve our added value.

Ralf Busse

With in-depth industry knowledge from the automotive and bicycle market, we rely on environmentally friendly and sustainable production in Germany. We set up our series production in the state of Saxony, where we manufacture our vehicles and systems for the German and European market.

Marcus Voigt​

Wir wollen die Mikromobilität neu denken und etwas nie Dagewesenes schaffen. Die digitale kettenlose Antriebseinheit, die sich dem individuellen Fahrverhalten anpasst, schafft die Basis unserer Entwicklungen. Außerdem bildet unser holistischer Ansatz, d.h. die Funktionsintegration im Digital Pedelec und die Skalierbarkeit, einen essenziellen Kern. Dafür investieren wir in eigene Forschung, kooperieren mit Experten:Innen und verwenden innovative Materialien und Technologien „Engineered & Made-in-Germany“.

Dr. Simon Opel